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Has your life become a daily struggle? Are you feeling trapped? Do you wish you had made better choices in your life? Are you looking to bring in more happiness, prosperity, or want feel more spiritually connected?


Through the use of variety of modalities that are tailored to your specific needs, I can help you Re-connect with your inner creative "self' to move past the circumstances and events in your life that have been holding you back and to live the life you truly want to live. 

take control of



There are two reasons we don't have what we want in our lives...

  • We don't know what we want

  • we don't have the tools to manifest what we want.

You Deserve it...
Your Best Life Ever!


The answer lies within you. Utilizing a variety of tools and strategies I can help you define what you want and help you to overcome the fears and limiting beleifs that hold you back from manifesting your dreams and creating the life you have always wanted!




Are you ready to invest in the rest of your life? 

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Your Greatest Self.


"... I Learned a lot about who I was and who I could and wanted to be. I have learned to notice and appreciate the small things in life that many take for granted.


The dreams and goals that once were a figment of my imagination, I have now made my reality...



“It brings me joy when I can help others change their life”.


I let go of belief patterns that have kept me stuck and created pathways to move forward...

                 L. Curley



Val is an amazingly warm empowering person. She led me on a 12 week journey with expert care and creativity.


Everyday I walked through her door I knew I would leave a more confident person.


Each session was loaded with "aha" moments that lasted with me throughout the week.


My moments of insight are now gifts I will have for a lifetime.


I left each session inspired, hopeful and energized!  


I wholeheartedly recomend Val to anyone seeking change in their life. 





"I let go of beleif patterns that had kept me stuck and created new pathways to move forward.


I feel stronger being in my own power and I create the life I want for myself!...


All the while Val was there- live or by phone. Her wisdom and strength helped me through the tough issues by making me feel safe, loved and important. She pushed me when I needed a nudge, and I am better for it. I am forever changed and reborn!                    

                            ~L. Curley





What are you waiting for.....Your success story could be here!

             ~Jane Life



I have had the opportunity to work with Val Cook as a Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT, and Hypnosis.  She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in alleviating my personal issues.

        ~Maria Elliott, Las Vegas, NV



Val helped me conquer so many ideal I've carried my entire life that have kept me stuck and stagnant in so many ways. Each time we'd meet I was always faced with an ah ha mome3nt or two. If you're ready for real change contact Val ASAP. She is real and for that I am grateful. Thank you Val. Venus H. Syracuse, NY

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