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About Val

Val grew up in the Native American tradition rich in history and ceremony. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation, Wolf Clan and a member of many Native American Longhouse Healing Societies. Growing up with family, clan, community and nation ideals, has afforded her the opportunity to grow, develop and share her wisdom, awareness of instincts, healing traditions and good old common sense with others.

Val Cook

Life Coach, Healer, Author, Presenter

Founder & President, Manifesting Your Dreams


Val’s personal motivation comes from over 25 years of working in Social Services and creating change for the Onondaga Nation, a Native American community in upstate NY.


 Certified in a variety of modalities along with a lifetime of learned experiences, intuition, creativity and natural gift for teaching, Val assesses the individual needs and goals of each client to determine the best approach and combination of modalities to expedite a person’s process and help them to achieve their goals.    

Anyone who comes in contact with Val can tell she absolutely loves what she does.  Her positive energy, love for humanity, and ‘anything is possible’ attitude is infectious!


It is her passion to provide every client with possibilities and tools to create the life they truly want and deserve!  









Val Cook is an amazing woman who inspired me to heal and better myself ...  I am forever grateful for her being in my life and teaching me how to forgive and let things go. Without her... I would still hate myself!  Healing is a rough road but it can happen!  Val helps smooth out the bumps and pulls you through the roughest ones.                               ~Amie B.

I left each session inspired, hopeful and energized!  I wholeheartedly recomend Val to anyone seeking change in their life.                 ~Sarah, Syracuse, NY



Val Cook & Jill Little interviewing with Daytime - WFLA News Channel 8

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