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Breakthroughs are NOT Breakdowns

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

💃My thoughts-during this unsettling time of the Coronavirus COVID 19, you may be struggling to stay motivated. Here is an example of what may be happening to you and how you can move through it.

”I feel wonderful, I’m going to create a plan for my future goals just the way I want it.”

My Ego whispers in my ear-“What future! Remember what happened the last time you felt good and wanted to make changes? Yeah, you failed and fell flat on your face. You better just stay here in the ‘box’ called COMFORT ZONE. It’s ok, ‘nothing’ happens will be safe...(like a hamster running on a wheel.)”

The Ego will lie, steal, cheat to survive...and it believes it’s keeping you safe-only so IT can exist.

I’m aware of you Ego, you are the resistance that has kept me a prisoner of failure.

“I may fail but I’m not a failure!”

Better statement-

“I was born worthy and possess all the tools I need to succeed, in whatever I choose. I may change directions but I am confident to always be learning and getting better in whatever I do! I feel amazing!”

*These are some examples of a breakthrough my clients experience once they embrace change. We are a team creating a better world once you realize how important to the cycle of life you truly are.

Val Cook Coaching-Rapid Results Breakthroughs text for Zoom appt.-1-803-992-4832

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