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Dreams or Messages


I lay in my bed trying to hold onto more but it was no use. I even kept my eyes closed to hang onto the ‘more’ but it still was not to be. My dreams are vivid, not always with a message although I am able to ‘feel’ the difference after all these years.

My dream was of an Indigenous man, perhaps a relative, who was standing to my right. He was beautiful. He was close enough to speak into my ear in a gentle way. He showed me a scene, like a movie, where there were Indigenous men hunting, fishing and protecting villages, their families. They met together, made plans and strategies all with a good mind for the people. If a person was not living in accordance, then that person was invited to receive assistance and/or spiritual reconnection to feel useful and important once again.

The Indigenous man standing on my right was dressed in buckskin and had a head piece worn front to back with red being a prominent color. I feel that it really wasn’t a ‘Roach’ he wore and perhaps it was his own hair groomed to stand alone from forehead to the back, in Mohawk fashion. He held onto a staff as he continued his message.

“Many abuses happened to us it’s true. We became disconnected from family, land and even the Creator. We did our best to preserve ourselves and our ways and some we still hold onto doing the best we can. There is much talk of how men have become abusers and the creator of dysfunction. This is true in part. And I will explain, look here.” I viewed our history of a mother giving birth with family all around to celebrate such a spiritual event. The child was truly a gift from the stars. Fast forward to now and children are brought into this world by strangers with no spiritual attachment. I then saw a mother sharing her baby with others in a village and this made everyone happy and connected. Then I saw a mother struggling to make a home for her child and both the child and mother had marks of abuse and many tears flowing from both. What had happened!! What is happening now??

He said “Dysfunction is kept alive from Disconnection. Men have lost their value through disconnection. Women believe they don’t need men. Hurt women tell of being a victim and men tell of their mistreatment and, and, and…., we point our finger at others instead of embracing wholeness. We lost something when we became ‘unbalanced ‘, I can only show you of the potential you have to make the world better, respect yourself and others. Appreciate your value of what you love to do and share it to uplift others. “How may I help you to feel worthy, valued and empowered?”, are words this man also conveyed.

There was so much more revealed to me by this beautiful man. He seemed to be showing me his value through preserving the state of mind of peace, love and connection to everything.

I will keep my notebook near my bed to write all the information should there be another visit. I’m feeling blessed.


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