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Limiting Beliefs

Val Cook

LEARNED BEHAVIORS are ways we have learned from our culture, family, school, religion, wherever.  There is also what I teach in my coaching called, limiting beliefs. This is similar to Learned Behaviors.  For example, by being told that ‘girls are not supposed to be successful’, girls can’t be 18 wheel drivers (I had my license and taught men how to get their license!), women aren’t leaders (we are all leaders even if its of our own home!) and so on and so forth we limit our beliefs. Both of these ways of thinking can put artificial limits on you and your dreams.

To help move through these artificial barriers, you have to eliminate limiting beliefs and learned behaviors that are having a negative impact on you.  Even though it may sound difficult, you can do it… and here is how you get started.

1. Number what you want to change first, second, third, etc.

2. Don’t let fear enter your thoughts…the world, the universe has an unlimited supply of whatever you want.

3. Be very clear, very descriptive, and do an inner check to see if it feels good or not.  When it truly feels good you will be happy.  You are what the world needs so allow yourself the time to be truly happy.

4. Wake up each day, and do something, anything to work toward one of your listed items

I don’t know what makes you happy but I know what I like. I am happy when I can check yet another wish off my list. Yes, I have a list, a never ending list because once I complete a wish, I quickly replace it with another one.  Every day, wake up with a smile and the thought that ‘this is going to be the best day of my life!’.

Make sure you do one thing that makes you happy. Not for your mom or dad, not your little girl or even your customers…YOU!

Make each day better than the day before!  Taking risks is where you want to be, always moving forward!

“You Deserve to Live Your Best Life. What are you waiting for?”

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