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'Sharing The Medicine of Love' presents original ceremonies and daily practices of expressing love to children, family and friends,based on Native American rituals. The ceremonies begin with' Moontime' for young pubescent girls; others give solace to the grieving and the depressed; the types of ceremonies are limitless. In addition, techniques are discussed to encourage dialogue in our daily lives with family, friends and children, leading to open communication where there may have been none. Everyone will want to read the intimate portrayals of caring and compassion in these loving ceremonies. Families can adapt these practices to honor their loved ones and creat new traditions. Adults, parents and grandparents are given a common sense approach to emotionally bond with children and other adults.

Sharing The Medicine of Love

  • "We can learn so much from our Native American brothers and sisters in regard to community, celebration and caring for each other. Sharing the Medicine of Love offers ways to re-connect, open our hearts, and celebrate our lives. I highly recommend this book!" ~Wendi Blum

  • This book will greatly increase the love you have for family and others close to you. It also demonstrates how to conduct a "ceremony of love" which will never be forgotten by the one receiving it. A compassionate book with a real message of love for the generations and all ages. ~Amazon Reader

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