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Life Coaching


Has your life become a daily struggle and you are feeling trapped?  Do you wish you had made better choices in your life? Do you want to feel happinessmore prosperous, or spiritually connected? If you’ve been thinking it’s time to change, know that anything you desire is possible.

Coaching is just one of the many tools that I utilize to help you develop a comprehensive vision for your life and the strategy to manifest it...Let me show you how!   >>>Read More



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),is a proven and potent method for achieving what you want in life.


It allows a person to quickly and easily enter into the root cause of problem areas in their life with the least amount of trauma in order to release unwanted patterns and behaviors that are not in alignment with your dreams and goals.  >>>Read More



Hypnosis is a tool that creates a relaxed state of awareness which slows our brain wave patterns down to bypass the conscious mind and directly access the power of the subconscious which governs our habits and behavioral patterns. This eliminates the struggle of relying solely on our willpower for behavioral change. Val may or may not combine hypnosis with other therapies to expedite healing and change >>>Read More



Val offers a variety of services that are non invasive and holistic in nature to help individuals manifest their dreams and create the life they want! She also combines many of these therapies in her session, so you don't have to necessarily choose one over another. Val's skills and expertise allows her to tune into an individual to determine which modality or modalities will best expedite the process of attaining your dreams and goals!

Time Line Therapy


Our past experiences and the damaging memories we hold on to affect how we approach situations and circumstances in our present day life. These memories sometimes prevent us from expressing ourselves in a appropriate manner because the trauma is stuck in our cellular memory and prevents us from achieving what we truly want. Time Line Therapy Is a process that can free you from these experiences and memories that do not serve you. They can help you...>>>Read More

Ceremonial Services


Val offers one-on-one mentoring,workshops, and presentations on creating sacred ceremeonies which was birthed from Val's Native American Roots and her book, Sharing the Medicine of Love,co-authored with Dr. Jill Little.


Through ceremony and ritual, Val teaches people how to eulogize themselves and those they love while they are still with us. The presentation/workshop is designed to help individuals develop and maintain close relationships between their families and their communities while cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves and the relationships around them.


This service may be utilized in an individual or group ceremony setting, scheduled as a consult to help you design and host the perfect ceremony for your loved ones or, as a workshop or presentation for your group or organization. >>>Read More 

Workshops & Presentations


Are you looking for ways to inspire and motivate your group, business or organization? Val can customize a workshop or presentation to meet your group needs, time frame, and budget.   >>>Read More

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