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Ceremonial Services

Rights Of Passages / Cleansing & Renewal Healing 

Acknowlegement of Events & Accomplishments​

Do you ever think back to a person who left your life and you thought, “If only I told him how much I loved him and what he meant to me”?  Or have you ever thought… ”If only I let go of my anger and moved to a place of healing”?  Wouldn’t it be a blessing if we could share our hardships in a way that helps us transform them to feel whole again? Have you suffered a loss of a loved one and find it difficult to move back into life and living? Have you ever thought how special and affirming it would be to simply celebrate milestones in life with ceremonial celebrations that last a lifetime?   


If you have answered yes to these questions, Ceremonial services can help. Birthed from Val's Native American Roots and her book, Sharing the Medicine of Love, Co-authored by Dr. Jill Little.  Ceremonial services teaches people how to eulogize themselves and those they love while they are still with us. 


Ceremony and ritual help individuals in a number of capacities and allows them to develop and maintain close relationships between their familes, themselves, and their communities.


Each Ceremony is customized to individual needs and their invited participants.  A ceremony frequently includes a personal or sacred item that serves as a symbol and reminder to its recipiant. 


The Native American Blanket Ceremony highlighted in Sharing the Medicine of Love, includes a very special blanket or wrap. The ceremony involves enrobing the person being recognized and offering prayers and good wishes, celebrating the struggles they have overcome and the successes they have had and will continue to have in the future. The blanket or wrap is gifted to the individual as a symbol and reminder of their special day. 


This service may be utilized in an individual or group ceremony settingscheduled as a consult to help you design and host the perfect ceremony for your love ones or as a workshop presentation for your group.

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