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February is a month that is short and sweet. You have Valentine’s Day, of course, and there are usually only 28 days to call your own. January is of renewal and from my perspective, February is a time for relationships of all kinds.

Being an Empowerment coach, my guidance is to start with yourself. We must love ourselves to feel confident, self-assured and happy; these are most of the things we may look for in others to build a relationship with.

Some questions to ask yourself this month:

  • What are the qualities within another that are most important to me in a relationship?

What qualities do I have to offer a relationship?

  • What is one thing I can do to create more love in my life?

More sensuality?

More passion?

  • If my body could speak to me, what would it tell me about how it’s being treated?

  • If I had as much money as I wanted, what are the first five things I would do with it?


  • If I did not have to work for money what kind of work would I do?


  • Which emotion do I find most easy to express?


Which emotion do I find most difficult to express?


  • What are three things I can do to be more in touch with the wonder and mystery of life?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Until next month, enjoy every minute!

With love & gratitude,

Val Cook, Author-Sharing the Medicine of Love Certified Empowerment Coach & Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Time Line Therapist 315.505.8577

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life! What are You waiting for?

#relationships #SelfLove

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